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Stop the Islamisation of Australia

Dabio - A Call to Hijrah

To stop the Islamisation of Australia we will take a series of rational and practical policies to the 2016 elections. One of these policies is a 10-year moratorium on resident visa applications from nationals of the 56 member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). An exemption would apply to genuine refugees from persecuted minorities. OIC members are typically states which have elements of sharia law enshrined in their constitution and legal system.

For a complete list of OIC member states see:

We believe this moratorium is necessary to ensure both Australian government agencies and our society are given enough time and resources to integrate segregated migrant communities into the Australian society. Ethnic and religious apartheid, designated no-go zones and growing civil unrest are now typical for some Western Europe cities. Europe is suffering from the consequences of divisive multiculturalism and unqualified mass-immigration.

There is no reason why Australia must repeat the same mistakes. Together with a more sustainable approach to general immigration numbers, the 10-year moratorium will be beneficial for new and old Australians alike. A similar policy is now considered by Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. Ireland and the Baltic States are not far behind. More European governments are switching into crisis mode due to what can only be described as unprecedented invasion from Islamic states.

In this context it is relevant to understand that the migration of Mohammed in 622CE from Mecca to Medina is marked as the beginning of the Islamic calendar; not Mohammed's birth, death or the first revelation of the Koran. This highlights the religious significance of immigration in Islam. The Arabic term 'Al Hijra' can be translated as "the migration" and ever since Mohammed's original hijrah, the migration of Muslims into non-Islamic lands is part of the core Islamic doctrine to bring Islam to all corners of the world. Orthodox Muslims believe that facilitating the propagation of Islam is their holy duty and a gift to all humanity.

Further policies are outlined in our paper 'Practical Steps to Stop Islamisation'.

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