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New South Wales

New South Wales

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Kirralie Smith

Senate Candidate for New South Wales

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I am a proud and passionate Australian. I spent the first half of my life growing up in suburban Sydney, enjoying a wide range of sporting activities and always enjoying the sense of safe community my parents worked hard to provide. I love all things coastal and the beach is where I go to re-energise and refresh.

The second half of my life has been spent on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We have lived in a regional centre and also in a rural farming community. The people and landscape of the Australian bush and regional centres have stolen my heart.

I have been happily married to Greg for more than 17 years and together we have produced three amazing children. It is my desire to pass on to them a safe, free and prosperous nation they can also be proud of.

As Senate candidate for NSW I bring with me the comprehensive grasp of issues facing Australians living in our cities, as well as the unique concerns of people in regional and rural communities.

I was educated through some outstanding public schools and am proud of my achievements in tertiary education. I have received an Associate Diploma in Applied Sciences; a Diploma of Ministry, and a Bachelor of Theology. I have worked part time since I was 14 years old – in retail, sales, NSW Health, Private School Teaching, as well as being a partner with my husband running a small business and more recently as the Founder and Director of Halal Choices Australia.

It is time for us to have Senators and Ministers in government who can represent mainstream, conservative Australia. We need real people with real life experiences who can relate to and understand the real concerns of Australians. At present we have an over-representation of party-machined, cookie-cut, career politicians who are unable to genuinely understand the people they claim to represent.

As housewife, mother, small business owner and ‘accidental’ activist, I will ensure the voice of mainstream, conservative Australia is heard and no longer ignored, ridiculed or cast aside. My commitment to the people of NSW is to be relentless in leading the necessary debates, investigations and legislative changes to stop Islamisation. I work for smaller and responsible government, a return to solid education, decent and affordable health care, effective protection of families and law-abiding Australians, creating opportunities for small business and securing our place in the global community.

To connect with Kirralie write to [email protected]

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Gary 'Angry' Anderson

Senate Candidate for New South Wales

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Angry is an Australian icon and household name who is passionate about putting Australians first. Most well known for his music career with Rose Tattoo, a solo artist, television reporter and actor he is also highly regarded for his extensive charity work. In 1993 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his role as a youth advocate.

Mr Anderson says, “We live in deeply troubled times and there are those who oppose us at every step of the way. Belonging to a major party, I found, was not going to satisfy my political needs. I have thrown my lot in with Australian Liberty Alliance because I believe it's where I can serve my country best.”

To connect with Gary write to [email protected]


Steve Roddick

Candidate for Lindsay

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Steve Roddick is an Australian who is deeply concerned about the increasing foreign ownership of Australian property and infrastructure, be it privately or through company structures. Steve’s view is that property rights should be reciprocal with foreign nationals, and will work tirelessly to implement the policy of Australian Liberty Alliance.

Steve is also concerned about the obscene waste of resources, and the lack of accountability, at all levels of Government, and will advocate for smaller smarter Government.

Steve’s family emigrated from Scotland in 1971 through a defence forces recruitment drive with the Royal Australian Air Force that allowed his family to settle in Australia, and become Australian Citizens.
Steve is a small business owner with extensive experience in manufacturing, trading, and finance. Steve is also a community leader, involved with his local Chamber of Commerce and various charities that support a range of issues, including feeding the homeless, and supporting victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Steve is also a sponsor of his local junior rugby league club.

Steve started his working life as an apprentice in the automotive industry, studied Automotive Engineering at Penrith, and Hydraulics at Granville TAFE. Steve started his first business in Hong Kong in 1988, while living in Hong Kong Steve developed a keen interest in trade links between Australia and Asia and was actively involved in manufacturing and trading during those early formative years of his career. 

Since 2003 Steve has owned and operated a further 3 business ventures, again with strong economic ties to Asia, and for a period of 12 years employed up to 40 staff in a manufacturing and importing business in Western Sydney. Steve understands the daily struggles of small business owners, and is currently self employed as a finance and mortgage broker in Western Sydney.

Steve believes that Islam’s political and ideological agenda is a threat to democracy, a threat to freedom, a threat to women’s equality, and is clearly not compatible with Australian Law and Culture. 
Existing migration policies present a burden on the tax payer that are not sustainable, and a security risk to all Australians who want a free democratic society. Steve supports the ALA policy of a 10 Year Moratorium on resident Visa’s from OIC countries, for these reasons.

Steve is excited to represent Australian Liberty Alliance, and pleased with the breadth of the 20 key policies.

Connect with Steve: Call 0420 289 381 or write to [email protected]

Carl Halley

Candidate for Macquarie

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Carl Halley lives with his wife Shizue Halley (from Japan) and 2 children Kurt and Tami in the Blue Mountains which is the heart land for the electorate of Macquarie. Born in Australia from British parents who came to Australia many decades ago in search of a better life Carl has always believed in supporting and protecting Australian Norms and values. Carl attended Winmalee Primary  School and then Springwood High School for his initial education. Upon leaving school he attended the Australian Maritime College and joined the Australian Merchant Navy and spent 6 years on the Australian coast in a traditional seafaring role.

Later Carl became involved in the N.S.W, National & International security industry and continues to this day to be involved in the field educating people through his international business, Tactical Krav Maga about Defensive Tactics, Terrorism, Radical Islam & Suicide Terrorism predominately within Australia and South East Asia. Carl holds a degree from Murdoch University in Security, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism, is also working on a second degree in Politics and International Studies, member of the R.A.A.F (res), and trainer to the Indonesian Counter Terrorism Police.

Carl’s key issues are :

  1. Social, Economic and Environmental issues effecting Macquarie electorate.
  2. Immigration issues.
  3. National Security issues.
  4. Defence Force related issues. e.g. veterans affairs.
  5. Stopping political correctness and protecting freedom of speech.
  6. Australian cosmopolitanism or integration and assimilation.

Carl’s hobbies include fishing, hunting, travel, good coffee and food as well as enjoying the beautiful Glenbrook National Park which he visits on a regular basis to unwind and spend time with his wife and family.

To connect with Carl write to [email protected]

Peter Kelly

Candidate for Bradfield

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Peter is Australian born and raised, but he has travelled extensively while serving in the Australian Defence Force, initially as an Infantry soldier, then later as an Intelligence operator.  Peter has lived in China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, but he still calls Australia home.

Since leaving the ADF, Peter has operated several businesses in food and hospitality, e-commerce, real estate, change management and import/export.  A professorial post at a New York-based university occupied his time for a while.  Peter has a graduate degree in Strategic Marketing and a PhD in international business.  He is an accomplished linguist whose second language is Chinese (Mandarin).  He also has skills in other regional languages.

A strong sense of social justice prompted Peter to establish a shelter for abused domestic staff in Hong Kong in 1982.  He has worked in other charitable and humanitarian projects since.

“My passion for the Australia I grew up in, that was given to me by my forefathers and their sacrifice, is what initially drew me to the Australian Liberty Alliance.  I have seen what is happening in the rest of the world and while it appears to be the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ here, our elected officials do absolutely nothing to address what is as plain as the nose on your face.

I will not shrink from doing what some may find unpalatable.  I will not shy away from calling a spade a spade if that is necessary, regardless of who I might offend.  I am politically incorrect, but sensitive to my audience.  I am also not going to shy away from addressing issues of non-custodial parents, veterans and the underprivileged.

Given the way our great nation is heading, only a party charged with the task of addressing the ills of the Australian economy and structure is likely to take on the onerous task of fixing what the major parties have destroyed of late through waste and poor management.  We must have smaller, smarter government and a more rational approach to taxation.”