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Tony Robinson

Candidate for the Senate

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Tony Robinson is a concerned citizen of Australia and proud to be the Australian Liberty Alliance’s endorsed Senate candidate for Tasmania.  He is 64 years old and has worked as a surgeon for 27 years.  Over the years Tony has met thousands of patients. Throughout this time, he has come to appreciate the strength of patients when facing adversity.

Tony believes we are facing a collective adversity on a national level.  The problem needs defining and an articulate response. Tony refuses to use political correctness as an excuse for moral cowardice and will work to highlight the problems associated with Islam and divisive multiculturalism.  He supports integration over segregation.

As Senate candidate for Tasmania, Tony will work toward smaller smarter government and sees the need for strong support of our pensioners and small businesses. He stands for freedom of speech and will act to stop our great nation from heading down the path of appeasement and mediocrity.

To connect with Tony please call 0475 109 000