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Western Australia

Western Australia

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Debbie Robinson

Debbie Robinson

Senate Candidate for Western Australia

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Debbie arrived in Western Australia as a 12 year old from Scotland, and immediately fell in love with her new home. Since then, she has raised her own family in WA, and continues to embrace the unique lifestyle and freedoms available to people in our great state.

“I feel passionate about democracy, freedom of speech and upholding Australian values,” she said. “But I am worried about the way we are headed as a nation.”

Debbie believes she has a duty of care to address the real concerns of people in her constituency. “We are not a one issue party,” she said. “However; one issue that does need urgent attention is the need to stop the Islamisation of Australia, as the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake.”

Debbie has spent many years raising awareness and encouraging debate about Islamic practices that violate the human rights of women and children in Australia, as well as other important topics. Before politics, Debbie worked as a registered Nurse for more than 30 years. “I am an ordinary Australian who cares about my fellow human beings and the future of this wonderful country.”

Connect with Debbie: Call on 0422 347 176 or write to [email protected]

Dr Marion Hercock

Senate Candidate for Western Australia

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Dr Hercock is a geographer, an editor with the Western Australian Exploration Diaries Project and an Adjunct Research Fellow with the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Western Australia.

Driven by a concern about declining standards in education and literacy, moral values and the stifling of free speech and academic debate, Dr Hercock has supported the ALA since its inception in 2015.

From an academic interest in environmental and resource management and public policy analysis, Dr Hercock moved to operate her own business running remote area historical tours.

She has strong empathy with people who work on the land and a belief in the great value of Western civilisation.

She deplores the growing antipathy towards our Australian institutions and values, and she is deeply concerned about the promotion of Islam and the gradual spread of cultural relativism through the policy of multiculturalism.

Connect with Marion: Call on 0499 799 621 or write to [email protected]

David Archibald

Candidate for Curtin

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David's working life has been both as geologist in oil exploration and analyst in the finance sector. For the past ten years his interest has focused on researching the ‘global warming’ issue.

His lectures on climate science in the US Senate and Congressional hearing rooms led to an appointment as a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of World Politics in Washington.

He has written various papers and books. Recent publications include, The Twilight of Abundance and Australia’s Defence. His interest in cancer research led him to edit a book on the role of phytoestrogens in the human female hormone system.

David has taken a strong interests in building dams in the Kimberley region and believes it's time for Australians to take a stand and bring common sense back to Australian politics.

Connect with David at [email protected]