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An open letter from the President

The following video was made three weeks ago as a result of an incident with a major news outlet:

News Limited Australia was paid a substantial amount by ALA to run an online advertisement to promote our 2016 ALA Stand With Us! National Tour. It was agreed the online ad would target readers in NSW, QLD, the Northern Territory and WA - the states visited during the first part of our tour - through their respective online news publications.

I discovered a few days after the agreed start, that the ALA advertisement was only visible via the Daily Telegraph, a NSW based publication. Nothing was shown in the other states. Following my complaint, I was informed that there had been various meetings and discussions at the ‘highest levels of management’ to discuss our advertisement.  The reason I was given for it not being shown in all the other publications: “It does not fit with our brand”.

I cancelled the ad and asked for a refund. News Limited initially agreed to refund the balance. However, it has taken over 4 weeks, numerous emails, phone calls and finally a solicitor’s letter for the money to be refunded today.

It’s time to let Australians know we are being censored and silenced by bigger forces than we imagine. News Limited is limiting our freedom of expression and your freedom to hear our political message.

Yours in Liberty,

Debbie Robinson